I watched the Facebook live stream of Glisten (4/18/2018) performing a couple of their songs and then announcing that around this time next year they'll celebrate the 20th annivesary of their national debut CD "Starlight Wishlist" with a reunion concert.

I've been wanting to get together with all the Power FM alumni, and seeing that 2019 would also mark the 20th annivesary of the year that Power FM began broadcasting to the Dallas/Fort Metroplex for its 16 year run, I thought it would be cool to try to get everyone together and have our reunion at that show.

The songs from "Starlight Wishlist" will always make me think of the humble beginnings of Power FM and the wonderful "pinch me I'm dreaming" feelings I had finally getting a station that played Christian rock fulltime going.

Since we have plenty of time, I hope you'll make sure to set aside that date for us all to celebrate. Click the link to visit their Facebook page to stay informed and watch the video of the live stream.

Glisten Page