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Soundmedia, a company specializing in programming and production for internet radio, launched "The X" a Christian rock formatted internet station on Sunday December 25, 2016. “The X” showcases the music of the genre going back to its origins through the present day.

Chris Goodwin, president of Soundmedia, hopes to continue his passion for the music and ministry that was birthed in his heart at a Petra concert at the Bronco Bowl in Dallas, Texas near the time he began his radio career in the early 80s. After many years working in formats ranging from Top 40 to Oldies, he was able to be a part of bringing the vision to life in the Dallas/Fort Worth market. Beginning in 1995 he hosted “Powermix”, a daily evening show on KVTT and then went on to program KVRK “Power FM” from 1999 to 2015.

“The X will definitely pay more attention to the pioneers of the genre and to the greatest hits produced over an almost 40 year span. When I programmed KVTT/KVRK we focused much more attention on new releases. Our mission was to provide a new music alternative for young people and we did just that for 20 years. I hope to find the right balance making sure all the decades are represented with this new station. Many who grew up listening to the genre will be able to continue to hear the music that impacted their lives and still be introduced to new artists and songs as well”.

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Chris and Dawn co-hosted the morning show for many years at KVRK in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.  Each week they recapture the fun they had for all those years on the radio.

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