She was a Daddy's Girl...

Mavis passed away this morning (Thursday January 4th) after waking us up just after 5AM with heavy forced breathing.

We, of course, wish we could have had her a little longer. She would have turned 11 this year and I have to force myself to remember that we were blessed to have her in our lives for that long. She developed meningitis before she turned 2 and took a steroid daily since 2008. She also was born with a large soft pallet that made breathing difficult at times especially after drinking water. Our Vet recommended surgery to open up her passage and we nearly lost her during the procedure.

She travelled with us wherever we went, even flying to Nashville to see our daughter and a trip to San Diego where she donned a life jacket and went sailing with us in the bay.

I am so grateful to God that she was a part of our lives for as long as we got to have her, and Valerie and I are going to miss her terribly.

Mavis (taken 11/21/2017)